Andreas Eßl

Senior Lecturer for diatonic harmonica Department Music Education Salzburg
Andreas Eßl taught himself his first pieces on the diatonic harmonica at the age of four. In 2003 he completed his IGP studies at the University Mozarteum. 2002-2012 he was at the Upper Austrian Regional Music School, since 2003 he has been a music school teacher for diatonic harmonica at the Musikum Salzburg and in 2011 he is a lecturer for diatonic harmonica at the University Mozarteum. Andreas Eßl is a member of the "Weissenbacher Tanzlmusi", the "Tennriedlmusi", the "Hochwies Klarinettenmusi" and a founding member of the "Salzburger Saitenbläsern". He composes numerous folk music pieces and is a speaker at several folk music seminars.