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  • Weil es so viele sind. Kunst am Bau von Elisabeth Schmirl

    The artistic work of Elisabeth Schmirl, lecturer in the Department of Fine Arts and Design at the Innsbruck location, turns the spacious staircase of the Unicorn - opened in 2021 as a start-up and innovation hub of the University of Graz - into a multi-perspective space for encounters, remembrance and commemoration.

  • Korrespondenzen- Exkursion [Bildnerische] | © Lisa Wieder
    Correspondences: Excursion of the [Fine Arts] to Linz 

    Over a period of five weeks, students from the [Bildnerische] Innsbruck and the Linz Art University wrote letters to each other. The regular exchange resulted in a collaborative collection of image/text combinations, which was presented as part of the exhibition COLLECTING! at Splace am Hauptplatz in Linz. The participating students Janine Zumtobel, Sonja Plattner, Angela Brugger, Özge Can and Mirjam Rizzi were invited to Linz on 19 April for a joint artist talk about the project and reflected on their project together with students from the Linz Art University.

    Student project
  • Illustration einer Trompete
    Ö1 Talent Scholarship for Visual Arts 2023 

    The Ö1 Talent Scholarship for Visual Arts in the amount of 10,000 euros, provided by Wiener Städtische Versicherungsverein, is being offered by Ö1 for the 16th time this year. The prize serves to promote young talent among students at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, the University of Applied Arts Vienna, the Linz University of Art and the Mozarteum University.

    Open Call