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  • Working Borders | © Johanna Mayrhofer
    Working Borders 

    Even in a hyper-eroticized society, hardly any topic is as polarizing as sex work. Whether in feminist debates, political disputes or in private conversations: everyone has an opinion about it. In Johanna Mayrhofer's master's project, sex work as a topic that has always been on the borders of our society is moved from the outskirts to the center of Salzburg in the form of an interactive audio walk.

    Student project
  • Applied Theatre | © Applied Theatre

    Theater-interested, -enthusiastic and -newcomers are welcome! Everyone together, citizens, people who live in Salzburg, students and life artists try out together.

  • v.l.n.r.: Sophie Thammer, Juliette Larat, Giulia Giammona, Colin Johner, Laura Trilsam, Vizerektorin Anastasia Weinberger, Bildungsminister Martin Polaschek, Rektorin Elisabeth Gutjahr, Matteo Ivan Rašić, Joachim Gottfried Goller | © Christian Schneider
    #salzburgerfestspiele: Martin Polaschek and students in conversation 

    Federal Minister for Education, Science and Research Ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Martin Polaschek was a guest at the Mozarteum University on Tuesday, August 8, 2023 and congratulated students on their various engagements at the Salzburg Festival. In a conversation lasting just under an hour, the students told how their engagements came about and why the Salzburg Festival can be an important stage for the future.

  • Illustration einer Trompete
    More courage to be open to the world 

    Since June 14, 2023, a right-wing populist party has been a legitimate part of the Salzburg state government. The Senate of the Mozarteum University Salzburg is following with concern the extremist expressions and exclusionary attitudes that are thus finding their way into key political positions in our federal state, not least with a view to the signal effect of this coalition in terms of federal policy and its international external impact.

  • Schauspiel: Tartuffe | © Magdalena Hofer

    The author and musician PeterLicht has taken on Molière's scandalous play from 1664, "atomised and pulverised" it to make it readable in its satirical quality for our present. Director Nele Rosetz works out a common reading of the material with drama students. How does a group shape the behaviour of individuals? And what actually happens when an established context is shaken up by the emergence of a new character?

    Drama production
  • Christoph Lepschy

  • Schauspieler*innen mit Helmen, Fellen und mit Flaggen auf der Bühne | © Manuela Seethaler

    Elfriede Jelinek's "Am Königsweg" is an examination of right-wing populism, Donald Trump's disastrous political practice and the helplessness of a society that cannot find an answer to the explosive spread of contempt for democracy and violence.

    Drama production
  • Pleasurespace
    Pleasure Space - Rooms of discovery 

    Pleasure Space is a tactile installation and theatrical play on sexuality education. Anna Szepes' master project in MA Applied Theatre aims to create safe and playful performative spaces for intergenerational exchange and creative knowledge production around sexuality. In Pleasure Space we use research, interviews, play design, writing, somatic exercises and sound to realise a correspondence between adults and teenagers that is now open to you.

    Student project
  • Gaia Till Ernecke | © Manuela Seethaler
    Directing projects on the theme of Classic 

    On January 20 and 21, the Thomas Bernhard Institute, in cooperation with the Department of Scenography of the Mozarteum University, presented Philoktet by Heiner Müller, Gaia in a version by Till Ernecke and The Bacchae by Euripides, three directorial works on the theme of classical music at the Theater im KunstQuartier.

    Drama production
  • Dionysos. Madness pours upon my lovely face
    Dionysos. Madness pours upon my lovely face 

    Could Dionysus be a queer trans* deity? What if their companions simply do not conform to any norm and are not mad at all? Cat Jugravu's performance DIONYSOS. MADNESS POURS UPON MY LOVELY FACE invites us to reinterpret the myth as a manifesto for otherness and queerness. With the Maenads - the dissident entourage of Dyonisos - the audience tries to approach a life without the norm in ritual, dance and rave.

    Student project
  • Ein oranges Zelt, darüber ein türkises X | © Applied Theatre
    TheaterLab X 2023 

    X participants, X directors on X dates with X theater ideas, people interested in theater, theater enthusiasts, theater novices meet students of the Applied Theatre - artistic theater practice & society program. Everyone tries out together, some in playing, others in directing.

  • Weite, flache Landschaft, Wolken am Himmel, Silhouette eines Menschen in der Mitte
    With Dylan on the Road - Bringing it all back home 

    Inspired by the polyartist Bob Dylan and his approaches of appropriation and transformation, nine artistic-explorative teams of two from the Mozarteum University were on the road in South Africa, the US, Mexico, Europe and Latin America during the first half of 2022. The results are nine art projects that will be premiered on October 14 and 15 as part of Jazz & The City, accompanied by a symposium "Inspired by ... commemorating 60 Years of Bob Dylan.".

    OUBLIEZ - Whom we forget 

    How do we change perspectives when things and people become strangers to us? The performance OUBLIEZ - WHO(N) WE FORGET focuses on the 'in-between spaces' where communication takes place - between those affected, care staff and relatives - and tries to capture what happens to people who "disappear without being lost".

    Student project
  • Lievito madre
    Lievito Madre 

    How much time do we give life in life? Pelican or raven? How much role modeling can we tolerate? Where do we put our anger? Do you wash your hands often enough? And do you like to eat bread? Yes, and who actually asks mum? Lievito Madre invites you to take time to listen, ask yourself questions and take a closer look at the roles of mothers.

    Student project
  • Mann oh Mann, Boy oh Boy | © Johanna Mayrhofer
    Man oh man, Boy oh boy 

    Jonas Baur, Master's student Applied Theatre invites all men (all bodies, queer-friendly, trans* inclusive) to come together to seek and find answers to what it can mean to make masculinity diverse and caring. The invitation is open to anyone who is curious, interested in sharing about gender roles, wants to see themselves as men in their own way, or wants to prevent discrimination.

    Student project