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  • Illustration einer Trompete

    The Institute for Equality & Gender Studies honours outstanding student theses and qualification projects that correspond to the understanding of a scientific/artistic examination in the fields of Gender & Queer Studies, Advanced Feminism and/or Diversity Studies with the GenDivers prizes. On 8 May 2024, the GenDivers Awards 2023 were presented as part of the exhibition opening "(UN)GESEHEN: des Blicks Verlernen" - the winners are Cat Jugravu, Johanna Mayerhofer and Dustin Waskow. Congratulations to them!

    Awards & Successes
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    Awarding of ensemble scholarship 

    The presentation concert of the scholarship holders of the newly created ensemble scholarship A (one-year) Start Up for Ensemble(s) took place in the impressive ambience of Schloss Leopoldskron at the beginning of April. In cooperation with "The International Society of Mozarteum University Salzburg", over 44.000 euros will be made available to students or graduates of the Mozarteum University Salzburg.

  • 4.3.2024

    How does one actually become an actor? How does an acting class work? This is what those interested in acting can try out for themselves for a week during the summer holidays, when the Thomas Bernhard Institute opens the doors of the university wide and sets the stage for the summer camp.

  • Bacharevic Alhierd | © Julia Cimafiejeva

  • Working Borders | © Johanna Mayrhofer
    Working Borders 

    Even in a hyper-eroticized society, hardly any topic is as polarizing as sex work. Whether in feminist debates, political disputes or in private conversations: everyone has an opinion about it. In Johanna Mayrhofer's master's project, sex work as a topic that has always been on the borders of our society is moved from the outskirts to the center of Salzburg in the form of an interactive audio walk.

    Student project
  • Applied Theatre | © Applied Theatre

    Theater-interested, -enthusiastic and -newcomers are welcome! Everyone together, citizens, people who live in Salzburg, students and life artists try out together.

  • v.l.n.r.: Sophie Thammer, Juliette Larat, Giulia Giammona, Colin Johner, Laura Trilsam, Vizerektorin Anastasia Weinberger, Bildungsminister Martin Polaschek, Rektorin Elisabeth Gutjahr, Matteo Ivan Rašić, Joachim Gottfried Goller | © Christian Schneider
    #salzburgerfestspiele: Martin Polaschek and students in conversation 

    Federal Minister for Education, Science and Research Ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Martin Polaschek was a guest at the Mozarteum University on Tuesday, August 8, 2023 and congratulated students on their various engagements at the Salzburg Festival. In a conversation lasting just under an hour, the students told how their engagements came about and why the Salzburg Festival can be an important stage for the future.

  • © Lilija Tchourlina
    Playground for Tomorrow 

    Installative, performative and interactive work at various locations in Salzburg, as part of the Salzburg Summer Scene: If the practices of today are the basis for the life of tomorrow, we should definitely scrutinise our everyday actions. To do this, we should create room for manoeuvre where we live - in Salzburg. We are a group of five individuals who come from different places, with different ages, experiences and languages.

    Student project
  • Illustration einer Trompete
    More courage to be open to the world 

    Since June 14, 2023, a right-wing populist party has been a legitimate part of the Salzburg state government. The Senate of the Mozarteum University Salzburg is following with concern the extremist expressions and exclusionary attitudes that are thus finding their way into key political positions in our federal state, not least with a view to the signal effect of this coalition in terms of federal policy and its international external impact.