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  • Elisabeth Eder mit Gedächtniskarten | © Christian Schneider
    About memorizing in music 

    Memorizing music plays an important role for instrumentalists and has been little researched to date. Elisabeth Eder took on this topic in her dissertation and was able to identify or categorize 100 learning strategies and show aspects that support memorization.

  • Preisträger*innen der Kulturfondpreise Stadt Salzburg 2023 | © Wildbild/Doris Wild

    On November 27, the 2023 Cultural Fund Awards of the City of Salzburg were presented at the Solitär. Among others, Andreas Bernhofer, Thomas Ballhausen and Gordon Safari from the Mozarteum University were honored.

    Awards & Successes
  • Promotion sub auspiciis von Elisabeth Eder & Ingrid Vukusic | © Christian Schneider

    Awards & Successes
  • Dance until we die | © Mitzi Gugg

  • © Timna Pachner/ Räume kultureller Demokratie

    Together with children and young people, the inter- and transdisciplinary CreART Lab is being developed in collaboration with partners from the fields of art & culture, science & technology, education & outreach, and in cooperation with regional companies and networks. A mobile experimental space that, in the spirit of the guiding principle "Co-Creating Change!", is intended to inspire, motivate and support children and young people to (co-)create change.

    Research project
  • 20.6.2023

    The “” app accompanies young users to historical locations, thereby enabling a special musical experience with original works at authentic viewing and listening locations. Through gamification and storytelling, complex learning opportunities are created and curiosity is aroused.