Park visions

Student project
Ausstellung Parkvisionen | © Christian Schneider

The aim of the course was to design a project that creates a dialogue space, a learning space, a recreation and retreat space, an exhibition space or an outdoor movement and interaction space, or to further develop an existing place, such as a driveway, entrance area, roof terrace, park café terrace, playground according to a functional logic.

Project Technology (BA) Winter Semester 2021/22

(Study Design: Technology.Textile)

Corina Forthuber, Stefano Mori

St. Virgil is a centre for education, conference and hotel. The Wilhelm Holzbauer building (1976) is surrounded by a spacious park, which in the future will be used as a place for learning and teaching, communication, action and contemplation under the open sky.

How do we want to learn and teach in the future? What can concepts look like in the open air? What can outdoor space do that indoor space cannot? How do I create sustainable meeting zones while preserving the current stock of green and open spaces? What can and should such places look like in 2022 and what is contemporary or sustainable for the future?

Works by:

  • Alba Malika Belhadj Merzoug | BAUMeln
  • Pia Geisreiter | Exhibition Area
  • Sophia Caterina Grillberger | Learning Spaces
  • Zöe Gruber | Benches
  • Peter Kainhofer | Lighting bowls
  • Valerie Marie-Luise Magnus | BAUMeln
  • Klara Mock | mobileWorkplace
  • Martin Rohal | Bench elements
  • Mira Ruhmannseder | MOVEMENTalGround
  • Matthias Salfinger | Dialograum
  • Christian Veichtlbauer | Podium