Botanorama: Homage to the plant world

Student project
Fliesen in Naturoptik | © Franca Tildach

In times of digitalisation, there is an increasing need for nature, followed by a trend towards a house in the country. Potted plants populate the flats. Urban gardens are sprouting in gaps between buildings. House facades are becoming green. Vegetables are grown on roofs and flowers populate roundabouts. How much nature do we need around us?

Project in the study Design: Technology.Textile (BA MA) in summer semester 2021 + 2022

Corina Forthuber, Stefano Mori

In this project, students dealt with the design for or with organisms. A homage to the plant world was created.

Works 2021:
Alexander Feuchter, Paulina Krasser, Julia Promegger and Clemens Skarbal

Works 2022: 
Friedl Vanessa | Steggs
Franca Tildach | Tiles in natural look
Clara Elixmann | Bicycle vases
Eva Lechner | Ivy