Feminist Cities Walk

Student project

Utopias to go on:A travelling parcours in the performative border area between procession, installation and intervention leads the audience of the summer scene into the public space. In this walk through the city, a possible constructive and feminist future for Salzburg is developed together.

Documentary Project of the Master's Programme Applied Theatre 

Stadtraum Salzburg

Collective walking opens up spaces of possibility that allow the participants to become accomplices in a future life. Because wherever we come from, whoever we love, whatever stage of life we are currently in and however much we own: We are dependent on others because we are vulnerable. In order to preserve our coexistence and life on this planet, we need to care for each other.

Along the route through Salzburg and beyond the public space of the city, we will tell stories of feminist and caring cities from all over the world and dream of a life in sustainable cycles and based on universal care practices. We create utopian spaces and explore the question: What does constructive communal living in the city look like?

This project is the third cooperation between the Sommerszene and the Master's programme Applied Theatre - Artistic Theatre Practice & Society of the Thomas Bernhard Institute at the Mozarteum University.

Claudia Seigmann, Judith Ph. Franke, Tin/Imke Blümke, Nina Dalbazi, Sarah Hollweger, Cristina Giurgea, Rosemary Kilima, Anastasiia Larina, Alexandra Leonie Kronberger

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