Man oh man, Boy oh boy

Student project
Mann oh Mann, Boy oh Boy | © Johanna Mayrhofer

A theatre performance on masculinities. Four months of sharing about our own masculinities. Listening to where we are all limited by the way we live masculinity. Discovering where imagination and responsibility can grow. Tracing how self-expression as a man, as a human being, can be expanded.

Master's Project of the Master's Programme Applied Theatre by Jonas Baur

15 & 16 July 2022 at 8:00 pm
Theater im KunstQuartier

Jonas Baur, Master's student Applied Theatre invites all men (all bodies, queer-friendly, trans* inclusive) to seek and find answers together about what it can mean to shape masculinity in a diverse and caring way. The invitation is addressed to all who are curious, interested in exchange on gender roles, understand themselves as men in their own way or want to prevent discrimination.

We have come to terms with each other. We have no idea about many things, but one idea remains: Making masculinities diverse, caring and mindful - it's messy, it's sticky, it's though, it's great! It will be shaved, touched and brought to a boil. We invite you to be in searching company.

With discussion groups, writing workshops, interviews and theatre training, the stage will be explored as a space of possibility and a field of experimentation for new experiences as a man among men.

Mann Oh Mann, Boy Oh Boy