Transgenerational remembering: Chirontopia

Student project
Transgenerationales Erinnern: Chirontopia

The play deals with transgenerational remembering in the form of collected stories of the ((great-)grand-)) parents and the confrontation with what they have experienced. The idea is to be able to influence future events by dealing with the past.

Master's Project of the Master's Programme Applied Theatre by Leonie Dehne

10 & 11 December 2021 at 7 pm

The present is directed both into the past and into the future at every moment because of the transience of the theatre. Thus, this moment is the only chance for action that reaches into both temporal directions. The bodies, especially their nervous systems, remember traumatic events, sometimes experienced by themselves or others, and are involuntarily influenced by them. Therefore, over the course of half a year, the performers intensively deal with transgenerational memory, report on it on stage and let the audience experience their own and collectively incorporated heritage. Chiron suffered from never-ending torment and thus wanted to die rather than continue living. So he offered the creator of human beings, Prometheus, to give life for him. Prometheus was tied to a rock face because he had robbed Zeus of fire in order to breathe life into mankind. So he was freed and Chiron was given a place in the starry sky.

Only the eternal wound could give the creator of mankind a free life again. Thus we are but all-too-human beings who can exist only in their imperfection. Chirontopia. Transgenerational remembering as a research process that is rolled up theatrically in the form of a retrospective into the personal-collective past and a sketch of the future in the present.

Margit Dankl, Verena Frauenlob, Renate Hausenblas, Isabella Helmschrott, Ielizaveta Oliinyk & Lena Steinhuber

Leonie Hauck & Cat Jugravu

Philip Eglauer

Luisa Lorenz

Stage design (as Bachelor project)
Anna Ofner 

Leonie Dehne

What if you are not as independent as you think? What if your father lives inside you all the time? And what if all our great-grandmothers are breathing down our necks and suddenly whispering in our ears at the most inopportune moments? And then you find out that your grandfather is originally from Scotland. Does that change anything? Come with us on a trip down memory lane and we'll heal together to live happily and freely. And then take a look into the future of what it will be like later!