Sirens of Babylon

Student project
Sirens of Babylon | © Miriam Palma

A woman and her istrument share their performative expolrations ans examine the possibilities of lament. What can they archieve, given that every sound refracts the sctructural suffering of an inhuman border regime? Do we find something like hope ans even resistance in musical action?

Master's Project of the Master's Programme Applied Theatre by Ruth Kemna

14 June 2021 at 6:00 pm
Teatro Area Madera &  Piazza Magione, Palermo

Traces of sound and noises pile up, creep into the ear and remain there as echoes of past life. There are everywhere - in the streets of Palermo, in the camps and villages of Sicily, in the boats and ships, in small encounters, friendship, sponaneous street concerts, rooftop terrace feasts, shared meals and resound in the sonic prism of an attempted lament for the dead.

Marta Romaszkan, Cheikh Sene, Amadou Njang, Santo Vitale, Sebiano Failla and people of Parlermo.

Thanks to
Kasia Wojcik, Eva-Maria Bertschy, Gaetano La Rosa, Augustian Grosz, Julius Handl, Kathrin Yvonne Bigler, Christoph Lepschy, Miriam Palma