Student project
Menner | © Mayrhofer / Hofer / Nowak

You know who no one wants to work with right now? White old men. We've stepped out of comfort zones, questioned images of masculinity and dissected vulnerabilities, owned wide leather chairs, discussed talk shows, speech share, mansplaining, manspreading and clichés in them. And … how do white old men actually smell? A collage-like scenic work about the attempt of a dialogue - master project from the study Applied Theatre

Master's Project of the Master's Programme Applied Theatre by Armela Madreiter

29 & 30 September 2021 at 7.30 pm
Theatre in the Art Quarter

Game management
Armela Madreiter

Stage, costume, dramaturgical assistance
Selina Nowak, Magdalena Hofer

Anna Ramsauer

Judith Philippa Franke, Andreas Bürgisser

Peter Haas, Magdalena Hofer, Armela Madreiter, Selina Nowak, Wolfgang Pirkl, Gernot Wehrberger

An event by
Department of Acting, Directing and Applied Theatre - Thomas Bernhard Institute in cooperation with the Department of Scenography