MEGA:STAGE salzburg

Student project
MEGA:STAGE salzburg

MEGA:STAGE salzburg is a project of the Applied Theatre - artistic theatre practice & society programme, which illuminates the festival city of Salzburg from a new perspective and gives a new dimension to one of the original ideas of the festival, that of the "city as stage".

Documentary Project of the Master's Programme Applied Theatre

MEGA:STAGE Salzburg - the theatrical supermarket


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MEGA:STAGE salzburg deals with places and people that were suddenly thrust into the spotlight by the COVID-19 crisis and ennobled with the "accolade" of "system relevance".

A "supermarket of history(s)", the MEGA:STAGE salzburg, has been set up in a vacant shop at Linzer Gasse 72. On the shelves are placeholders for stories, experiences and reports. A kind of collection of contemporary "protagonists of everyday life". The spectators choose from the various performative offerings and from here begin a tour of system-relevant places and people in Salzburg, whom they encounter in different ways - always maintaining a "physical distance". A parcours of shifts in perception and visualisation.

Directed by: Leonie Dehne, Kim Groneweg, Ruth Kemna, Armela Madreiter
Stage Design: Michael Hofer-Lenz, Ruth Kemna
Mentors: Christoph Lepschy, Christine Umpfenbach


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