Sound Christmas trees and other gifts. "Silent Night" in the artistic-scientific field of tension

Research project
Illustration eines Auges

An autograph from the hand of Joseph Mohr, written around the year 1820, is the oldest surviving autograph of a carol which, starting in Oberndorf, quickly spread throughout the 'old' and 'new' world. With "Silent Night" a song was created which - translated into many languages - has become an integral part of the Christmas message of peace. To what extent is a 100-year-old song able to appeal to young people today, to become an impulse for creative design? Students of the BORG Oberndorf and BORG-Gastein are invited to deal in an imaginative way with topics opened up by the song and to reflect and evaluate the products of their work together.

Sparkling Science (bmwfw)

University Mozarteum, Department of Music Education, Working Focus Salzburg Music History (Department of Musicology)

Project Management
Michaela Schwarzbauer

Project Partners
BORG Gastein (Elisabeth Wieland), BORG Oberndorf (Karin Hochradl)

Staff members
Katharina Steinhauser, Juliane Friedl 

01.09.2017 to 31.08.2019