schnitt # stellen

Research project

The interdisciplinary empirical research and development project combines (media) pedagogical & artistic research approaches as well as pedagogical and (media) artistic practice approaches. The aim is to investigate interactions between the media-cultural lifeworlds of underprivileged young people and the field of contemporary media art. Synergy potentials are to be developed on two levels: With regard to the expansion of cultural spaces of action of excluded young people and with regard to the opening of art and cultural institutions for people from all walks of life.

Project Management
Iwan Pasuchin (Music Education),  Sonja Prlić, Karl Zechenter (Visual Arts & Design) 

Land Salzburg /Referat 2/04 für Wissenschaft, Erwachsenenbildung, Bildungsförderung, F&E Projekt, Zusatzfinanzierung Stadt Salzburg, Abteilung Kultur, Bildung und Wissen, Stadt Salzburg

Cooperation Partners
gold extra, Neue Mittelschule Salzburg-Lehen, Paris Lodron Universität Salzburg

01.01.2018 until 31.12.2021

schnitt # stellen is an interdisciplinary project that incorporates perspectives from artistic research as well as cultural and media pedagogical research. The focus of interest is on interactions and potential synergies between the media-cultural lifeworlds of young people attending an urban secondary school and the field of contemporary media art. The aim of the interdisciplinary collaboration is to open up a multi-perspective view of the field based on the findings obtained from different methodological approaches. The following common main research question guides the process: Which experiences are made and which developments take place in joint design, presentation and research processes of students of an urban middle school and media artists?

Sonja Prlić & Karl Zechenter

From the perspective of artistic research, we are interested in what shared experiences are made and what aesthetic repertoires and media practices are developed when young people, artists and art institutions meet.

In artistic research with children and adolescents, media art has received little attention so far; however, we consider this approach to be particularly productive precisely because of the proximity of media artistic and youth cultural practices. At the center of the research are two artistic projects, each lasting one year, which span the frameworks in which we investigate different foci, e.g. play, aesthetics, and dealing with social media, and reflect on them together with the project participants as well as academically. A special focus is the examination of computer games and interactive applications - such as augmented reality technologies.

Iwan Pasuchin

From the perspective of cultural and media education, the following research question will be pursued as a matter of priority: Which specific goals of the work at the interfaces between media pedagogy as well as cultural education can most likely be achieved by using which concrete approaches to project teaching? 

In order to answer this question, the processes that can be observed in the course of the project will be analyzed and compared with those processes that were recorded in the course of the research project "Artistic Experience in Focus"  . In order to include a further perspective, a comparison with the realizations of the pedagogical concepts of Ivan Pasuchin will also take place. The research methods used are design-based research and autoethnography.

schnitt # stellen short documentation

Presentations, Awards & Prizes


  • June 4, 2019, ARGEkultur: presentation of the first school year project "The Truth Part II":
  • October 16, 2020, ARGEkultur: (Internal) presentation of the second school year project - "Black Day":
  • 22. & 23. March 2022, ARGEkultur: (Final) conference on the research project    




The following two peer-reviewed articles on the schnitt # stellen project have been published in a media and a cultural education journal in February 2022:

  • Pasuchin, Iwan (2022). Experiential, (art) work, and mediation orientation. Concrete approaches to media and cultural pedagogical project teaching in empirical comparison. MediaPedagogy (Occasional Papers), Open Access
  • Pasuchin, Iwan (2022). "The more professional the product looks, the less the children have done themselves" - Plea for a pragmatistic approach to cultural education dilemmas. Cultural Education Online, Open Access

schnitt # stellen received the European Youth Culture Award 2019 in Berlin in the category "Science and Research"

Impressions from the award ceremony: 

At the Prix Ars Electronica 2021, "Black Day" received an award in the Young Creatives category:

2021 "BlackDay" was awarded the media literacy award in the category Media & Innovation.

Jury statement:

"Under the motto "We are all game experts", the students developed three mixed reality games together with artists and the cultural and media educator Ivan Pasuchin, and they can do something: They can entertain, ignite the joy of playing and build excitement. Together, the students developed the ideas, aesthetics and production methods and designed the game. The games are not only exciting and entertaining, they also show that the interfaces between supposedly objective realities can be fluid. Furthermore, the games reflect the social media use of young people and this is reflected in a versatile and emancipatory media approach. The ambitious project, which fulfills many conditions with regard to critical media education and reflects many stages of a media production, reveals a broad participatory pedagogical approach. And so, in Black Day, the worlds of media culture, youth culture, and game culture mix, resulting in an exciting and innovative mix.  And best of all, the whole thing is allowed to be played in a fun way!"

At the Prix Ars Electronica 2020, the mixed reality game "The Truth Part 2" was awarded a grand prize in the Young Creatives category.

Submission documentation: