Salzburg Music Sources before 1600: Manuscripts & Prints (2013)

Research project
Petersfrauen | © Bibliothek der Erzabtei St. Peter

In the present data collection, manuscripts and prints with music were recorded that were produced in or for Salzburg in older times. Salzburg" is understood to mean the medieval archdiocese of Salzburg, which extended over the present-day province of Salzburg including the Bavarian Rupertiwinkel and also included parts of Carinthia, Styria and Lower Austria.

Veronika Obermeier, Karina Zybina Project management
Andrea Lindmayr-Brandl

Included are the proper bishoprics of Chiemsee, Gurk, Seckau and Lavant. Independent institutions, such as the monastery of St. Lambrecht, were not included in the survey, as they went their own liturgical ways, nor was the monastery of Mattsee, which belonged to the diocese of Passau from 907. On the other hand, the music sources of the Benedictine monastery of Michaelbeuern were included, which, despite its ecclesiastical independence, was liturgically oriented to St. Peter and maintained close exchange with Salzburg. The abundance of material - information on approx. 270 sources was collected - was first divided into music manuscripts, music prints and music theoretical presentations according to the type of source, and then arranged chronologically according to centuries.