3sat Prize to stage designer Mirjam Stängl

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Mirjam Stängl | © Apollonia Theresa Bitzan

The 3sat Prize of 10,000 euros at the 60th Berlin Theatertreffen goes to stage designer Mirjam Stängl for her stage in the production "Zwiegespräch" directed by Rieke Süßkow at the Burgtheater in Vienna.

Mirjam Stängl, graduate of the Scenography Department at Mozarteum University, says about her work: "It is important to me to create a world that has completely its own rules, which have nothing to do with the outside world. This world has its own logic, dynamics and an independent whimsical liveliness. My spaces are equal players* with the other protagonists* on stage."

The jury statement reads:

"Mirjam Stängl's set belongs to the first appearance in Rieke Süßkow's production of Peter Handke's text "Zwiegespräch": creaking and squeaking, a room-filling screen is pulled across the stage of the Akademietheater. In finely tuned choreography, five nurses stride along, placing potted greens in the folds of the wall divider. Coziness that forebodes evil. Immediately, the residents of the residence are placed as lovingly and carelessly as possible next to the shrubs - like human plants. Mirjam Stängl's stage architecture unfolds as slowly as emphatically before everyone's eyes, establishing a whimsical interplay from the first to the last moment on stage. This stage never holds itself back. It plays along, intervenes, provides lasting amazement."

Mirjam Stängl is a member of the collective tangent.COLLABORATIONS, with whom she has created productions such as "DIE REISE. A Trip" (2020) at WERK X- Petersplatz and the Théâtre National du Luxembourg as well as the play development "O KOSMOS! Eine Versuchsanordnung" (2022) at the Kosmostheater Vienna. In 2021 she designed the set for the production "Oxytocin Baby" at Schauspielhaus Wien, which was awarded a Nestroy Prize. Regular collaborations connect her with the directors Kathrin Herm and Rieke Süßkow.

Mirjam Stängl on the 3sat Prize:

"Receiving the 3sat Prize is a very nice feeling for me. I see it as a great recognition for the stage design profession. I'm really happy about it, because I have the feeling that something is moving. I think it also has to do with the fact that we decided together, in dialogue with each other, to leave this large space to the stage design. It's totally nice that that's being recognized."

The text was taken from 3sat: www.3sat.de