core of Space: Excursion Architectural Drawing

Student project
Architekturzeichnen Wien  | © Stefan Bachmann

10 students from the Department of Scenography and the Department of Fine Arts and Design undertook urban forays with the sketchbook, from the beginnings of modernism to contemporary architecture, from experimental drawing to indoor and outdoor to mixed media.

Vienna - Score of Space
11 - 16 April 2023

Excursion guide
Stefan Bachmann


  • Underground stations (Otto Wagner)
  • Postal Savings Bank (Otto Wagner)
  • Danube City, Wotruba Church, Palm House, Belvedere 21 (Karl Schwanzer)
  • WU Library (Zaha Hadid) et al.


Clara Elixmann, Michael Hofer-Lenz, Ella Hölldampf, Wanda Iwaszkiewicz, Anna-Sophie Ofner, Carla Schwering, Theresa Staindl, Laura Trilsam, Christina Winkler