Benjamin Britten: The Turn of the Screw

Opera production
Benjamin Britten: The Turn of the Screw | © Wolf Silveri

"Welcome to Bly" - the invitation sounds tempting! A young governess is to take care of the upbringing and well-being of the parentless children Flora and Miles on the picture-perfect country estate of Bly. But are the little creatures really as carefree and clueless as they seem at first glance? 

Musical direction
Kai Röhrig

Scenic direction
Florentine Klepper

Stage and costume design
Selina Schweiger

Heiko Voss

About production

An opera in a prologue and two acts by Benjamin Britten based on the novella of the same name by Henry James.

The motif of lost innocence occupied the composer Benjamin Britten his entire life. He constantly tried to erect protective walls, dwellings and retreats for innocence in his artistic creations. But the longed-for security came all too seldom. In his opera THE TURN OF THE SCREW, he turns the omens around by deliberately exposing his characters to the unhoused - and this despite the fact that he places the epitome of the domestic idyll on the stage with Bly, the peaceful estate with its strong walls, thick towers and spacious park. But that's just the paint job. Behind the scenes lurks an overpowering danger. And so a nameless horror gradually unfolds before the eyes of the nameless governess. With great musical seductiveness, Britten set Henry James' ambiguous ghost story about the demise of security, the reign of the forbidden, and fascination with the abyss.

Dates & Cast

27. January 2023, 19.00
28. January 2023, 16.00
30. January 2023, 19.00
31. January 2023, 19.00
Max Schlereth Hall

  • The Governess: Anna-Maria Husca / Donata Meyer-Kranixfeld
  • Mrs Grose: Julia Maria Eckes / Jessica Mashburn
  • Miss Jessel: Yekaterina Badeso / Anastasia Churakova
  • Flora: Anastasia Fedorenko
  • Miles: Michaela Honauer
  • Prologue / Peter Quint: Niklas Mayer

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