Sweet Spot: Daniel Mayer in portrait

Wed. 19.4.
Sehr verschwommenes Bild von Menschen | © Christian Schneider
Sweet Spot: Daniel Mayer in portrait
Wed 19.4.2023
Materia (lat., material, cause) - What else, apart from sound, could be the material of music? Of course also very much else: rhythmic, harmonic and melodic structures, any kind of music, pauses even. Possible, but I don't want to take for granted that whose novel formability, owed to the computer, opens up so many spaces as hardly anything before in the history of music.

Daniel Mayer is a composer with a focus on electronics. He works and researches in the fields of sound synthesis and algorithmic composition and develops special software for this purpose. His music has been performed at numerous international festivals of electronic and contemporary music and was awarded, among others, the Giga-Hertz-Production Prize at ZKM Karlsruhe in 2007. He is professor for computer music at the IEM of the Kunstuniversität Graz and Edgard Varèse Visiting Professor of the DAAD at the TU Berlin.

oderation: Marco Döttlinger

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The SWEET SPOT series sees itself as a forum for classical and entirely new productions of electroacoustic music in Salzburg. Pieces of the genre will be heard and discussed with each other. Each concert is accompanied by a short introduction and the opportunity to discuss what has been heard.