Oceanic: Exhibition by Angelika Wienerroither

Wed. 26.4.
ÖH Mozarteum
Oceanic - Angelika Wienerroither

It is easy to get lost by the sea; it scatters and loses sight. This boundless vertigo of limitlessness is uncanny, opaque, uncertain - the water conceals and hides. But the sea is also a refuge: it gives hope because it forms an outer equivalent of the inner emotional world. The sea washes away the dirt. Body and mind are harmonious on the sea. The sea flows. The sea is chaos. The sea is companion, awakens longing, ignites the spark of inspiration. The sea knows.

From 2018 to 2022 Angelika Wienerroither studied at the Mozarteum University in the photography class of Gregor Neuerer, since 2022 she has been studying painting in the class of Agnes Scherer. Wienerroither won the audience award of the Ö1 Talentestipendium last year and was on residency in Vantaa, Finland. Her work "Utopia" was purchased by the province of Salzburg and was exhibited at the Generali Studienzentrum of the Museum der Moderne Salzburg. "rite of passage - on motherhood" and "Jetlag" were shown at the Leopold Museum in Vienna. Since 2015 Wienerroither has been showing her works in group and solo exhibitions at home and abroad. Her works are mostly space-related and experimental, she works with painting, drawing, text as well as analogue and digital photography.