Moz-Art-Zone: Pop-Up Minigolf

Tue. 18.4.2023—Thu. 20.4.2023
Moz Art Zone
Moz-Art-Zone: Pop-Up Minigolf
Tue 18.4.2023 — Thu 20.4.2023

Pop-Up Minigolf is a project by students of the teacher training programme Design: Technology.Textiles. The mobile courses including their obstacles were developed as part of a semester project under the direction of Corina Forthuber and Stefano Mori. The game was designed and made in the in-house workshops in Alpenstrasse by the following students: Julia Burgholzer, Clara Elixmann, Vanessa Friedl, Sonja Harrer, Linda Nicolussi, Anna-Sophie Ofner, Martin Rohal, Lukas Stangl, Franca Tildach and Benedikt Veichtlbauer.