Music theory workshop

Fri. 21.4.—Sat. 22.4.2023
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Music theory workshop
Fri 21.4.2023 — Sat 22.4.2023
This workshop weekend offers an ideal supplement to your own preparation for the entrance examination in music theory. In a group rotation principle, all important areas of the entrance examination are taken with a focus on ear training and harmony.

Unfortunately we have a limited number of places! If all places are taken before the registration deadline (29.3.23), we can unfortunately only put you on the waiting list. The detailed program will be sent to all registered Fix-participants* in time by mail after the registration deadline. If you have any organizational questions, please contact Elisabeth Wieland. 

If you have any questions regarding  the content of the music theory entrance examination, please contact Vladimir Popov orDavid Paulig (Department of Music Theory).

Preparation documents

The templates for preparing for the entrance exam Music Theory are divided into three parts: I. Basics, II. Composition and III. Aural Training. The basics are partly related to the written exam and partly to the oral exam, and the text specifies exactly what to pay attention to. This knowledge is absolutely necessary for the candidates. Part II - Tonsatz - concerns the written examination in the task - Exposing the basso continuo. An extended cadenza should be performed by the candidates on the piano during the oral examination, not in C major and A minor. In Part III - Aural Training - orientation examples are given for the dictations in the oral examination. It is helpful for the candidates to analyze them, play them and sing them.

Download templates