I'll tell you to your face!

Wed. 8.3.
Ich sag's dir ins Gesicht! | © Alba Malika Belhadj Merzoug

Courageous is he who speaks? Courage, a privilege? Students of the Orff Institute explore, implode, grow and outgrow themselves. Whispering, growling, gurgling, warbling, croaking, whirring, rapping, playing and shouting, singing and twitching ...

Contributors: Eila Büche, Laura Eidloth, Miriam Hornfeck, Carmen Joedicke, Annalena Krause, Theresa Menth, Ronja Rümkorff, Christina Ottoson, David Prkno, Aylin Sayili, Viviane Tanzmeister, a.o. 

Director: Hildegard Starlinger Music: Anna Töller, Yvonne Hartinger, Florian Müller