Konstantinos Tosidis

Kostas Tosidis studied at Agios Pavlos Coservatory with Yannis Papakrasas, in 2005 he received the IKY scholarship from the country of Greece. He studied guitar at the University Mozarteum with Eliot Fisk, Ricardo Gallen and Marco Tamayo, chamber & ensemble music with Isabel Siewers, contemporary music with Simone Fontanelli and Martin Mumelter, and early music with Howard Penny. Since his master's degree in 2009, Kostas has worked as an assistant to Eliot Fisk at the University Mozarteum. Kostas has collaborated with the University Mozarteum Orchestra under Dennis Russell Davies and played with the Modern Mandolin Orchestra for the Patra International Music Festival under Pedro Chamorro. He is a founding member of the Miscelanea Guitar Quartet.
A total of seven prizes with the  Miscelanea Guitar Quartet 1st prize at the Savarez-Corelli Chamber Music Competition with the duo  Tosidis-Nousis 5th prize at the interpretation competition for contemporary music at the Mozarteum University 2nd prize at the Veria guitar competition in Greece