Doctoral programme PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)

The full-time course to acquire a PhD serves to further develop the ability to work independently in the sphere of the sciences and to train and encourage the young generation of academics on the basis of Diploma and Master degrees.  A dissertation can be submitted in the subjects music educational theory, musicology as well as art and craft educational theory.
The content, structure and extent of the six-semester course are oriented towards the Bergen Communiqué concluded in the context of the Bologna Process (2005) as well as towards the Recommendations by the Austrian University Conference on New Guidelines for Doctoral Studies.  The entire extent of the course amounts to 180 ECTS credits.
Graduates of this course are awarded the academic degree Doctor of Philosophy  (PhD).
In order to be eligible for a PhD course it is necessary to have completed a relevant Master degree course or an equivalent course at a recognised post-secondary educational institution in Austria or abroad (according to § 64 paragraph 5 of the University Law).

A pre-condition of the successful completion of the doctoral degree is the successful completion of the doctoral viva A, this means all course units amounting to a total of 23 semester week hours.  The successful completion of the doctoral viva B (special subject examination) as proof of the necessary specialist competence for writing the dissertation is also necessary.
The degree course is completed when the dissertation is accepted and an overall examination before a board is passed.