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International Summer Academy 2017

The 101st Year

Following the anniversary year with a series of musical highlights and the very well attended exhibition, a ‘normal’ Summer Academy is planned again for 2017. Normal? Not quite. An orchestra academy and an opera school, both aiming to rehearse Joseph Haydn’s opera Orlando Paladino and present three performances, are new ventures for us and will bring in a breath of fresh air.
We again have an extensive concert programme which promises to present many artistically rewarding experiences: the opening concert takes place on 16 July, then we have the master concerts, the guest performance by Eduard Schmieder with iPalpiti Orchestral Ensemble of International Laureates, three concerts in Schloss Höch and the concert by prize-winners on 25 August (as always under the auspices of the Salzburg Festival).
It is of course a tradition that music by Wolfgang Amadé Mozart is of central importance, this year together with works by Joseph Haydn and the Austrian composer Thomas Larcher. As composer in residence he will hold a master-class for composition.
As regards the master-classes: they are and remain of course the focal point of our academy. Reliable and new forces, international lecturers as well as those who teach throughout the year at our university will exert a great power of attraction for over nine hundred students from more than fifty countries and all parts of the world. A master-class in conducting has returned to the course programme; besides the again extended intensive course for highly talented students we have two new one-week courses “50 plus” for older students who would like to brush up and further develop their skills.
One of the traditional features is the Open Day, which this year takes place on 5 August from 11 a.m. Two academic symposia will be offered for the first time in two languages in an attempt to reach a wider public than in previous years. On the one hand attention will be focused on Thomas Larcher’s chamber music (10 August) and on the other Joseph Haydn as an opera composer (18 August).
In keeping with our chosen aspirations, the newly created Mozart Forum (21 July, 3 August, 17 August) aims to show through what may indeed be a subjective approach new directions in the interpretation of Mozart’s music.
In year one after the review of the first hundred years it is clear that our International Summer Academy is keen more so than ever to have a dynamic impact on the future.

Opera School - Make Salzburg your Stage

From the summer 2017 the International Summer Academy of the Mozarteum is reviving a wonderful tradition: an Opera School for young singers is to be established in the context of the academic training programme. The aim and highlight of this programme is the staged performance of an opera with the participation of the Academy Orchestra. Within four weeks (second and third course period) the selected students rehearse a full-length opera and perform it together with the orchestra, consisting of students on the instrumental courses of the Summer Academy.

Orchestra Academy for all those interested in playing in an orchestra

For the first time for decades the International Summer Academy is going to try and form its own orchestra from the participants in the master-classes.
From 31 July until 26 August a four-week Orchestra Academy will be offered.

Master Classes


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