Photo Gallery

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With my dear teacher María Luisa Anido who transmitted genuine art in her lessons.
With my good friend John Duarte who has given me much wise advice during the decades we have known each other.
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With Andreas and Brigitte Usel, from Innsbruck.

Andreas, a guitar fan and excellent photographer, has taken many of the photos for this website
At home during Maurice Summerfields´ first visit to Argentina in 2001,with a group of colleagues and former students.  Maurice produced my very first record in 1983 and has always motivated and supported me through his friendship and positive attitude.
With Cecilia Nievas and Thomas Bitterman

With Amiram Ganz in Montevideo

With my horse Demonio, learning to have confidence...

 ...and to enjoy overcoming obstacles.

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With Michael  Franklin in New Zealand, where we first met in a summer course in 1991. I found a wonderful friend that has offered me support and warmth over all these years. And now also his knowledge and time taking care of this site.


Matanya_Ophee.jpg (41954 bytes) with Matanya Ophée- Frankfurter Musik Messe 2004
Max_Rattenberg.jpg (32609 bytes) with Prof. Max Bauer Schloß Rattenberg 07.07.04
Llao-Llao.jpg (60290 bytes) with Damian Cazeneuve in Semana Musical Llao-Llao
After my concert for the Sainz de la Maza Festival in Burgos (11.08.2006). From left to right: Jaume Torrent, Rubén Pareja, Juan José Saénz, I. Siewers, Francisco Ortiz,Cém Duruöz
Savarez Guitar Chamber Music Competition 2006 at the Mozarteum in Salzburg.