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It's history

The gestation of Musicampus began , unconsciously, during my childhood, as my parents used to take me to spend the holidays in Los Cocos, a small village in the Punilla Valley in the Province Córdoba, Argentina. We travelled by train from Buenos Aires to the city of Córdoba and then we tranferred to a smaller train to San Esteban. A horse cart took us up the slope (with a beautiful view of the Sierra Chica in front of us). Los Cocos welcomed us with pure air, the singing of the birds, intense colours, pristine blue skies. The sight of “El Mástil”, on the top of a 1800m. mountain, invited us to the traditional trekking.

The days were busy riding with Mr. Campos, who transmitted a bit of his wisdom (obtained by the many years living in close contact with nature); he told us anecdotes about his life in the mountains (the most violent regarding to some encounter with a puma or a snake) , he showed us the medicinal herbs as peperina mint or palo amarillo, the bushes and trees like the Cocos and the Molle ( and advised us not to rest or sleep a “siesta” under this tree and risk getting an allergic reaction: the “flechazo del Molle”). The roads and paths were illuminated by mica in the rocks, by small red verbenas and by the colourful portulacas. After a couple of days “Platense”, the horse I used to ride, was already an old friend of mine. And we could even attempt to ride in the Pampillas, a 2000 meters high plateau, where silence and solitude were only broken by the eagles, and by the noise of wind and water springs.

These trips became less frequent and during my adolescence Los Cocos was only present in my memories.

In 1974 Nicolás and I spent our first holidays as a couple in Cruz Chica, a village next to Los Cocos. In the 80´s Santiago and Erica, our children, used to travel there and stay in Hotel Villanueva or Hotel Los Pinos with other IBM employee´s children.

This encouraged us to return. And we were surprised by the music of a string trio sounding in the gardens. They were members of the String Quartet of the University of La Plata (José Bondar, Alan Kovacs and Juarez Johnson). Alicia Belleville, a pianist, had joined them.

Luis Martínez, an engineer from Santa Fé, a music lover and choir fan, (e had sang over twenty years in the Coro de la Provincial de Santa Fé) had left his company and established in Los Cocos with his wife Manina Nogueras (who was an excellent pianist) looking for a better quality of life. Luis wished to organize choir meetings and other musical activities. So he founded Musicampus. Julio Kohan, who lived in the neighbour city of La Cumbre also supported this project. Musicampus began with a Chamber Music Seminar. Three Guitar Seminars organized by myself followed between 1986 and 1989.

The activities included master classes and concerts played by the teachers and students in Los Cocos (Capilla de Santa Teresita, Anglican Church, Colonia del Docente and Museo La Loma) in Cruz Chica (Museo Mujica Láinez), and in theatres of La Cumbre and Capilla del Monte. The Fundación Antorchas supported us generously , so we could give grants to a group of students and invite professors as Oscar Ohlsen from Chile and Eduardo Isaac from Argentina. I also remember the interesting contributions of Víctor Villadangos and Eduardo Egüez with his Ensemble Maíz.

We wished to offer a special context for the pedagogic and artistic work. Great emphasize was given to the practice of chamber music, outreach, presenting our work to the local audience and to the formation of friendship bounds. The peace found in this place improves concentration and stimulates creation.

In 1989 I began to work for the University of Arts Mozarteum in Austria and thought it would be very difficult to organize Musicampus from so far.

In Easter 2005 we visited Los Cocos and I noticed that, even 15 years after the last Musicampus, people still remembered our concerts there. Luis Martínez didn´t live in Los Cocos any more so I couldn´t expect having support there. But Adriana Melloni from Hotel Los Pinos showed her enthusiasm and the idea of a new Musicampus began to work in my mind.

A few months later Carlos Groisman asked me if I wished to join him for a Summer Course: I suggested him to relaunch Musicampus. And we suggested our colleague Eduardo Castañera to join us.

The association with Carlos proved fruitful: his enthusiasm, energy and hard work (and of course his talent and experience in the field of pedagogy) became fundamental for the organization of this event. Eduardo contributed with his art and his ideals. Since February 2006 Musicampus de Guitarra Clásica takes place yearly again.

It has still the same objectives. We emphasize even more the chamber music practice (the violinist & violist Nicolás Pazur joins us for that). Fabián Murúa (flute) and the Cuarteto de los Arcos also contribute to the work in this field.

We have added a series of lectures. Through the student´s concerts we select a group of guitarists that are invited to play in the Museo Fernández Blanco ( Buenos Aires). We also offer one of the students the opportunity to play as a soloist with an orchestra in Buenos Aires.
Fabián Cardoso, Cecilia Linares, Martín Lavore Lagarde, Ezequiel Marín, Camilo Verga, Federico Núnez, Maximiliano Luna, Claudio Devigli, Mirta Alvarez, Carolina Velázquez, Juan Almada, Darío Underwood, Pablo Boltshauser and Juan Pablo Bujía from Argentina; Raúl Rolón and José Carlos Cabrera from Paraguay; Andrés Madariaga, Alejandro Escobar Mundaca, Alexis Vallejos and Samuel Aguirre Gaete from Chile have played in these series.

Musicampus has inspired the composition of pieces: “Es klinget” by Martín Lavore Lagarde, for three guitars and violin, was premiered in the Teatro de Villa Giardino (February 2007). ( Martín had attended Musicampus 2006, when Mozart´s 250 birth anniversary was conmemorated; for that opportunity we worked on an exhaustine analysis of Sor´s Variations op.9 , based on “Es klinget so herrlich” from Mozart´s oper “The Magic Flute”).

In 2006, 2007 and 2008 more than 130 participants from Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Perú, Bolivia, Paraguay and rather all argentine provinces met in Musicampus.

The luthiers Ernesto Castañera, Julio Malarino andMaximiliano Bazán have helped us through the donation of guitars with which we could offer as a “prize” to some students. But we still try to keep an uncompetitive atmosphere through the meeting.

We don´t have any official support. The French String Company SAVAREZ has given us an important contribution to cover the travel costs of Pablo Márquez in 2008. We are also very thankful that Pablo joined us in 2007 and 2008.