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Documentary film about Isabel (Spanish version)

Mágica y Misteriosa

Lucía Zicos ( conductor), Claudia Montero, Floraleda Sacchi ( Harp) , Isabel Siewers after the recording of the CD Mágica y Misteriosa in Prague,( March 7th., 2018)

Preparing Recording Luces y Sombras in Prague, March 2018

Claudia Montero- Latin Grammys 2018

In October 2018 Isabel played the first argentine Performance of Claudia Montero´s new concerto for Guitar and Strings „ Luces y Sombras „ with the Chamber Orchestra „ Edgardo Cattaruzzi“in Buenos Aires.

Some months later she performed the world premiere of its version for Guitar and String Quartet.

She was invited by the composer to play the solo guitar part in the recording of „ Mágica y Misteriosa“, a CD featuring „ Luces y Sombras“ and „ Mágica y Misteriosa“ (a piece for harp and strings).
The recording took place in March 2018 in Prague, with the City of Prague Symphony Orchestra conducted by Lucía Zicos.

In November 2018 „ Luces y Sombras“ was awarded the Latin Grammy Prize for the best Contemporary Composition and the whole CD got the Latin Grammy Award as „ Best Classical Album of the Year“.

April 13th

Linz- Austria
Lions Musikpreis

April 27th

Saarland - Germany
“11. Gitarrentage für Kinder und Jugendliche im Saarland 2019“

Composition Competition

May 1st- 5th

Thessaloniki- Greece
6th International Guitar Festival in Thessalonik

May 18th- 25th

Córdoba- Argentina
II Festival Internacional de Guitarra Clásica de Córdoba

May 18th

Villa General Belgrano-Córdoba
Solo Concert

May 10th-25th

University of Córdoba-Aula Magna de la Facultad de Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales-U.N.C
Masterclasses - details

May 23th

With „Orquesta Municipal de Córdoba“:
Leo Brouwer „Gismontiana“ for guitar quartet and orchestra
(Ramiro Orellana- Pablo del Giusto- Carlos de Santi and María Isabel Siewers, guitars )
Claudia Montero “ Luces y Sombras“ for guitar and orchestra

June 1st Salzburg - Austria
University of Arts Mozarteum
X Savarez- Corelli Guitar Chamber Music Composition at the University Mozarteum in Salzburg
Producer and Adjudicator.
June 15th Innsbruck- Austria

With Inn-strumenti and Lyrics by José Oliver
First performance of pieces by Klex Wolff, Hannes Sprenger and Morgana Petrik
August 30th –September 2nd Vorarlberg- Austria
Vorarlberger Gitarrentage
Chamber Music Masterclass
September 9th Morón-Argentina
Conservatorio de Música "Alberto Ginastera"
Festival María Luisa Anido: Masterclass
September 10th Morón
Conservatorio de Música „ Alberto Ginastera“
Festival María Luisa Anido: John Duarte`s 100 Anniversary Concert
Solo pieces and compositions for Guitar Quartet by John Duarte, with Silvio Fraga, Gabriel Lanza and Javier Buján.
September 13th Morón
Morón Cathedral
Festival Maria Luisa Anido`s Gala Concert : Claudia Montero “Luces y Sombras“ with Camerata Cattaruzzi
September 18th Buenos Aires
„ En clave de mujer“ in the CCK
With „Orquesta Juan de Dios Filiberto“, conductor: Jeny Delgado
Claudia Montero: „ Luces y Sombras“ for Guitar and Orchestra.
September 21st 21 Olivos –Argentina
Iglesia Presbiteriana „ San Andrés“ Joaquín Rodrigo; Concierto de Aranjuez with Camerata Cattaruzzi .
September 22nd Morón
Morón Cathedral
Joaquín Rodrigo „ Concierto de Aranjuez“ with Camerata Cattaruzzi
October 5th Salzburg- Austria
University of Arts Mozarteum- Solitär
Gala Concert for the 20th. Anniversary of Salzburgs`„ Live Music now“ Foundation
With Gyöngyi Bartha and Malte Höfig (guitars)

Photo Andreas Usel