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How it all came about

Pedagogical aspect

Lisssn - a game for listeners, all in the tradition of the great point & click-adventure games.

In a landscape with a castle, a cemetery, a chapel, train stations and other architecturally interesting constructions you move by walking, riding a train, going by ship and taking elevators through a labyrinth of rooms, hallways and alleys, where you keep finding surprising tasks in order to move deeper into that big wide adventure land. In order to solve the ultimate riddle there are, besides the usual brainteasers, challenges for the ear. Was that a noise or a tone? Was that ton higher or lower? What does a musical note look like? What is the symbol for a longer note and one that sounds for a shorter interval? The player can enter the game without any previous knowledge of music. In the end he will have understood some of the elements of music. That includes, among others, pitch, rhythm and notes, but also musical instruments and artists.

So, if you are not satisfied just to hear background noises when playing an adventure game, but want to sharpen your hearing and experience fancy adventures - then Lisssn is made for you.