Christel Kiesel de Miranda, MA

Assistant Sculpture / UF Artistic Education

  • Alpenstraße 75/III (Room: L03041)
  • 5020 Salzburg

Christel Kiesel is a sculptor, lives and works in Linz (A) and Brandenburg (D).

She was born in the DDR in 1987 and grew up in the family business of a historic stoneware pottery in Lower Lusatia/Brandenburg. She studied industrial design, ceramics/glass and fashion design at the Burg Giebichenstein art college in Halle an der Saale (D) from 2009 to 2014. From 2015 to 2019 she studied plastic conceptions/ceramics at the art university Linz (A) and also studied abroad within the Erasmus program in 2016/17 at the UdK Berlin (›art in context‹ course). Since 2020 she has been running an atelier and exhibition space in Linz with Stefan Brandmayr and Felix Pöchhacker, called the “EFES 42” Association for Sculpture. Together with Felix Pöchhacker, “FLUR 4” has been developing a kind of open-air off-space in Brandenburg, which sees itself as a contribution to research into artistic processes in connection with rural areas. The interest in dealing with transformation processes in de-industrialized landscapes, especially the post-mining landscape of the local Lusatian lignite mining area, runs through her work.

Since 2021 she has been working as a university assistant in the sculpture class.