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The university course offers experienced music and dance educators an intensive and concentrated introduction to one of the world's best-known integrative methods of music and dance education, which is based on the historical Orff Schulwerk and has been further developed in the sense of contemporary aesthetic education;

Department of Elemental Music & Dance Education - Orff-Institute

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2 semesters / 56 ECTS-AP


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The influence of Carl Orff's ideas has greatly influenced music and dance education in many parts of the world. The pedagogical principles of his and Gunild Keetman's school work are universal and based on a belief in the creative and artistic nature of the human being. The Orff Institute at the Mozarteum University is a center of this international movement in music and dance education.

General information

The university course is aimed at educators from all over the world who already have training or experience in music and dance education based on the pedagogical concepts of the Orff Schulwerk. The university course presents Carl Orff's pedagogy in an authentic, open and directional form. Postgraduate courses in English have been offered regularly at the Orff Institute since 1969.

For admission, proof of completed studies in music and/or dance education at a domestic or foreign institution with a diploma or degree as well as proof of at least three years of teaching experience in the field of music and dance education is required.

In addition, proof of proficiency in written and spoken English is required. The final decision on the fulfilment of the requirements is made by the head of the study programme.

Registration must be made using the registration form (when activated) no later than two months before the start of the course.

Necessary documents for registration

  • 3 recommendations
  • a certified transcript of the last degree you obtained
  • 3 passport photos
  • a detailed medical report of a physical examination within the last year 
  • a certified copy of the pages in the passport with photo and personal data
  • a video recording (DVD or upload link) of max. 20 minutes showing the applicant in the following situations: in a teaching situation / in a joint performance with children / in a movement or dance sequence / playing an instrument / singing a song solo, a capella or with own instrumental accompaniment.

The course fees will be announced here as soon as they are fixed. After admission, a non-refundable registration fee of 600 euros must be paid. In addition, the ÖH fee must be paid regularly.

The final examinations require a positive result in the required courses and include a written paper, a colloquium, teaching and ide performance of a study of the candidate's own music and dance compositions, which the candidate has developed and directed.

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