University course - Music Theatre Pedagogy

University course

Become an expert in the pedagogically and artistically competent mediation of opera, operetta and musical in various cultural, educational and social institutions to different target groups. All cultural-scientific, pedagogical and psychological competencies are taught with the methods of scenic interpretation in a practical way within the framework of the course.

General information

  • University Mozarteum Salzburg
  • Young State Opera Berlin
  • Comic Opera Berlin
  • In cooperation with the Institute for Scenic Interpretation of Music + Theatre (ISIM)

Course Director I: Rainer O. Brinkmann, Director Junge Staatsoper, Berlin

Course Director II: Anne-Kathrin Ostrop, Director Komische Oper "Jung", Berlin

Scientific direction: Martin Losert & Monika Oebelsberger


For admission, proof of completion of a degree or course at a recognised domestic or foreign post-secondary educational institution is required. In case of free places, persons without a corresponding education, but who can prove at least three years of professional experience in a relevant field of activity, may also be admitted. The course director decides on admission.

Applicants are expected to have the following, which will be determined in an aptitude test depending on their previous academic achievements:

  • basic competence in music theory, piano playing and singing
  • Experience in musical group leadership
  • Willingness to engage in scenic action, animation and sharpening of aesthetic sensibility.

The course comprises 26 semester hours per week and is held part-time in the form of weekend modules. Classes take place on 4 weekends per semester and are held at the Mozarteum University, the Berlin State Opera and the Komische Oper Berlin. 

Registration is by means of a registration form no later than two months before the course begins.

The course fees are Euro 1,100 per semester. In addition, the ÖH fee must be paid regularly.

The degree consists of the positive completion of the required courses, the presentation of a self-developed learning platform and a board examination.

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