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University course Children and Youthchoir

The aim of the university course in Conducting Children’s and Youth Choirs consists in enabling students to work independently in planning, carrying out and organising choral work with children and young people.  In cooperation with the Department of Music Educational Theory at the Universität Mozarteum Salzburg and the Vienna Boys Choir, the course aims to achieve a sustainable enrichment of vocal and choral work. Through the necessary educational work with children’s and young peoples’ voices a specific contribution is made towards encouraging young talent both as regards choral singers as well as choral directors of children’s and youth choirs.
The comprehensive theoretical and practical competences conveyed on the course in the sphere of work with children’s and youth choirs is oriented towards the special needs in this field of practice with its broad spectrum of demands concerning responsible and sustainable work with young voices.

In order to be eligible to enrol, it is necessary to have concluded a degree course or course at a recognised post-secondary educational institution in Austria or abroad.  If free places are available, persons who have at least three years professional experience in a relevant field of activity can also enrol.  Applicants are expected to have basic competence in music theory, piano playing and singing, and this is tested during the acceptance procedure.
Enrolment on the university course occurs according to the number of available study places on the course, whereby a minimum of 12 persons is necessary for the university course to take place.
The course lasts 4 semesters and comprises 28 semester hours. 7 semester hours have to be completed per semester.  According to the European credit system the work load amounts to 60 ECTS.
The university course Conducting Children’s and Youth Choirs is a part-time course and is organised in the form of weekend modules. All teaching units on the university course are compulsory.  The teaching units are held on 4 weekends in the semester (Friday 2 p.m. to Sunday 4 p.m.).
The teaching language of the course is German.
The course fee for each participant amounts to € 580 per semester.
At the end of the fourth semester theoretical basic knowledge about conducting children’s and youth choirs is examined in an examination before a board lasting 45 minutes.
The conditions for participating in the examination before a board are:
a)    regular participation in all teaching modules
b)    the positive conclusion of all compulsory teaching units
c)    a positively assessed comprehensive documentation of the student’s own compulsory work with a choir, relevant to the course (portfolio)
d)    the rehearsing and presentation of a specific piece of work with a children’s and/or youth choir in the context of a final concert
The expert qualification is completed with the awarding of the title “Academic Expert for Conducting Children’s and Youth Choirs”.