Bachelor programme / Master programme composition

The aim of the degree course is to help students to achieve the best possible development of their creative and reflective abilities. It is intended to convey a masterful treatment of the musical material in all divisions (instrumental, vocal and electronic music) and to lead to openness in the analysis of newly evolving art forms. With these performance requirements the courses are to be understood as an extremely high level programme of education.

There is also the possibility of complementing the creative development and work through major subject studies and acquiring additional qualifications. These can also be acquired in other areas of study.

Obvious choices for major subject studies in relation to composition are, for instance, electronic music and audio-visual media, musicology, early music, new music, conducting, jazz and popular music and applied composition. Students can make use of the offers available at the various institutes of the Universität Mozarteum Salzburg and the Paris-Lodron University in Salzburg.

One special characteristic of the composition course at the Universität Mozarteum Salzburg is the fact that students can choose optional subjects in addition to the legally required free optional subjects, thus allowing an individual focus during the degree course.

Composition studies at the Mozarteum, Salzburg

Composition studies

With the winter semester 2019 the composition studies at the Mozarteum begin with a completely renewed curriculum including a bachelor's program of 8 semesters and a master's program of 4 semesters. In addition to the obligatory subjects in the fields of music theory, musicology and electroacoustic composition, the program contains a large number of free courses in which students have the opportunity to freely choose their study contents from the Mozarteum as well as the University of Salzburg and the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences.

In addition to the individual lessons in composition, a central content of the study is the practical work with well-known ensembles such as the Austrian Ensemble for New Music, Kairos Quartet, Ensemble Recherche, Ensemble Phorminx, Ensemble Integrales, Ensemble Handwerk, Ensemble Mosaik, who will be invited to the Mozarteum for rehearsals with the students followed by a concert. In addition, the students have a variety of individual opportunities for cooperation with other departments in the university, such as: the Thomas Bernhard Institute for drama and production or the departments of stage design, opera / music theatre and visual arts. The New Art and Music Ensemble Salzburg is available for the graduation concerts of all composition students.

The Studio Electronic Music offers composition students exclusive opportunities to work in the field of electronic, electro-acoustic and computer-assisted composition. Multi-channel productions can be realized in two digital and one analog studio.

For the performance of the composition students, the Mozarteum has a number of venues of different sizes and technical equipment for chamber, ensemble and orchestral music, opera, music theater, drama and performance:
The education in composition at the Mozarteum is connected in many ways with the cultural infrastructure of the city of Salzburg. There are cooperations with various venues such as Literaturhaus, Stadtgalerie Lehen, JazzIt, Arge Kultur, Künstlerhaus, Galerie 5020, Hangar 9, St. Andrae's Church and the Salzburg Cathedral. In addition, the Mozarteum is closely linked to the city's renowned contemporary music festivals. Works by Mozarteum's composition students are regularly performed at the Aspekte Festival, Dialogue Festival, stART Festival and Pocket Opera Festival.


Due to the different aesthetic profiles of the teachers, students have the opportunity to get a comprehensive overview of the contemporary positions of contemporary composition.
Composition is currently taught at the Mozarteum by the following persons:


Admission examinations for both studies will take place in May / June of each year. The requirements and contents can be found on the website of the Mozarteum. Registration for all composition studies is possible from 15.02.19 to 30.03.19 at:

Financial support

For the financial support of students at the Mozarteum different programs and scholarships are offered.

The Mozarteum has a large number of international cooperation partners. With the Erasmus+ program, students can study for up to twelve months per study cycle at one of the 65 partner universities in 24 European countries. Academic achievements are recognized at the home university. Additional student mobility outside of the EU is possible within several bilateral agreements.

Institute New Music

The Institute for New Music organizes all studies relevant to the field of contemporary music not bound to the curricula in composition, from the supervision of individual students to the cooperation of several classes, departments and other internal and external institutions. The collaboration between instrumental and compositional classes plays a special role here. The Institute for New Music offers students and teachers the opportunity to experience the entire spectrum of contemporary music across all studies:

  • The Ensemble for New Music at the Mozarteum develops with students the programs of the "Doppler" concert series.
  • Renowned New Music performers enrich the concert scene at the Mozarteum with exclusive programs.
  • Selected composers from Austria and abroad complete the training program with presentations and seminars.

In addition, the institute organizes the annual Crossroads Festival. Young composition students from all over Europe can apply for one of the 15 world premieres performed by various international ensembles of new music during the festival at the Mozarteum.