The monk of Salzburg in the interpretation profile of the present day

Thomas Hochradner, Siegrid Schmidt [Hg.]
Cover Musikwissenschaft

The monk of Salzburg - fascinating and intangible, yet his name will probably never be revealed. Pioneering and unique are his secular and sacred songs, valuable testimonies to medieval musical culture in Salzburg.

Publications of the Working Focus Salzburg Music History 7

Hollitzer Wissenschaftsverlag Vienna, 2021

These songs were already widely received during the monk's lifetime, but received renewed attention only towards the end of the 19th century, subsequently discovered for musical life and finally revived since the late 1970s. Three concerts with Silvan Wagner, the ensemble Harmonia Variabilis and the Salzburg Virgilschola in June 2018 gave insight into the present diversity of this song creation. Accompanying a symposium brought together the impressions of these concerts with positions of research; the current assessment of the situation shows how vividly a song corpus of the 14th century can be set in the present. With contributions by Gerhard Ammerer, Ingrid Bennewitz, Britta Bußmann, Elisabeth Gruber, Stefan Engels, Thomas Hochradner, Walter Kurt Kreyszig, Alexander Rausch, Thomas M. Schallaböck, Siegrid Schmidt and Silvan Wagner.