How Salzburg stages itself

Sigrid Brandt, Thomas Wozonig [Hg.]

Salzburg - a city of music: this does not need to be emphasised or publicised today. The Salzburg Festival, which began in 1920 and has an astonishing continuity that has hardly been interrupted by the Covid pandemic, is merely the powerful pinnacle of Salzburg's rich theatre tradition, which has left its mark on musical history far beyond the region.

On the development of a music theatre city

Publications of the Working Focus Salzburg Music History 11

Hollitzer Wissenschaftsverlag Vienna, 2023

The authors of this volume focus on various (musical) theatrical forms that have been cultivated in Salzburg over the past four hundred years, some of which are still in use today. They shed light on the various venues as well as the political and artistic protagonists active in them, examine the conditions of their production - especially with regard to the interaction of architectural, stage, visual, staging and musical facets - and reconstruct the often changing strands of their reception.