Almanac of the Mozarteum University - Academic Year 2021/22

Musiker mit Kontrabass, neben ihm eine Holzmarionette | © Christian Schneider

The Almanac 2021/22 shows the Mozarteum University's radius of activity, focussing on numerous initiatives for Ukraine aid, the new performance agreement period, the International Summer Academy, a wide range of studies, diverse events, worldwide cooperations and projects, as well as international successes. University members receive a free copy in the Art ARCHIVE room.

Publications on the History of the Mozarteum University
Volume 17

Hollitzer Vienna, 2023

ISSN 2617-2550
ISBN 978-3-99094-103-4

As a continuation of the annual reports published since 1881, the Almanac has been published by Hollitzer Verlag since the 2010/11 academic year on the initiative of the then Vice-Rector Wolfgang Gratzer. Since 2014/15, the director of the Art ARCHIVE Room, Susanne Prucher, has acted as editori. Between 2000 and 2010, no annual reports were published, as the Mozarteum University reported directly to the Ministry during this period.