Christina Laabs

Univ.-Prof. for Speech EducationThomas Bernhard Institute
Christina Laabs studied philology at the Free University of Berlin and passed her exams as a state-certified breathing, speaking, voice teacher. In 2009 she received a guest lectureship at the UdK Berlin, in 2010 a professorship at the Hochschule für Schauspielkunst "Ernst Busch". Since 2015 she has been a professor for speech training at the Thomas Bernhard Institute.
Christina Laabs began her career as a voice therapist with actors and singers in the phoniatrics department of the Charité Berlin with Prof. Dr. W. Seidner.  In 2000 she switched to artistic speech training and taught acting at the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts Berlin / department of puppetry, at the School Of Visual Theater in Jerusalem and at the Berlin University of the Arts.

At specialist conferences, Christina Laabs gave lectures on the subject of “voice variance and voice morphing in puppet theatre”. She ran the  Pilot project "Biomechanical body and voice training", which systematically linked the training approaches of biomechanics by VE Meyerhold and gestural body and voice training. She has supervised numerous theater and university productions as well as artistic director auditions in Berlin and Salzburg as voice coach. 
Her approach to work is characterized by gestural speech, which was developed at the HfS "Ernst Busch". For her, the sovereign mastery of the means of speaking forms the basis of the speech training for drama students. She sees the methodological integration of the new aesthetic concepts of speaking in contemporary theater into speech training as an important task in her field and works on the merging and further development of the different methodological and didactic approaches.