Lisa Stumpfögger


Lisa Stumpfögger

Teacher of music dramaturgy, theory of form, image, scene, textDepartment Scenography
Since 2009 Lisa Sumpfögger has been teaching music dramaturgy and form theory at the Department of Scenography. She introduced the subject "Body and Signs in Space" Her music theater productions have taken her to the Cologne University of Music and Dance, the Salzburg Festival, the Staatstheater Karlsruhe, the Landestheater Salzburg, the National Theater Zagreb, the Graz Opera House, and the Easter Festival of the Kammeroper Schloss Rheinsberg, among others.
Lisa Stumpfögger studied rhythm, flute, piano and singing at the Hamburg Conservatory, as well as psychology and musicology at the Universities of Hamburg and Cologne. Her artistic activities include dance and music theater productions and teaching. For her dance theater productions, she creates the concept, choreography, dramaturgy, stage design and light. She did choreographies for the Hamburg State Opera, the Hebbeltheater Berlin and the Halle Opera House.  She also worked as an actress in  The treasure digger   by Franz Schreker at the Hamburg State Opera and at the Theater des Westens Berlin in the  The Threepenny Opera by Brecht/Weill directed by Günter Krämer. She began her artistic teaching career in 1982 as a lecturer at the Hamburg Conservatory, majoring in rhythmics, and at the Hanover University of Music and Theater in the acting department. From 1994 to 2003 she held teaching positions for musico-dramatic presentation at the universities of music and theater in Hamburg, Cologne, Stuttgart and Munich. For the Cologne University of Applied Sciences, she developed a curriculum for the scenic training of singers.
Wild animal and scapegoat. A magnificent portrait of Kundry (Mueller-Speiser 2003) Inside - by heart (RhetOn 2016) The Tristan initial (Gießen 2017) The pause as a state of music (Gießen 2018) Seeing the body (Heidelberg, Winter 2020/21)