Marta Kucbora

Marta Kucbora


Marta Kucbora completed her concert studies in piano as well as historical piano at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg with distinction. A major area of interest for the pianist is chamber music - she is active as a pianist in various ensembles and as a répétiteur in the field of vocal and instrumental music. She performs in numerous Lӓnder in Europe and the USA. 
Marta Kucbora completed her master's degree at the State Academy of Music in Katowice and at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg (classes A. Lubimov and I. Rohmann). She took part in numerous master classes given by well-known pianists and received several scholarships in Poland, Germany and Austria.
Her interest in historical performance practice led her to study fortepiano and to a regular collaboration with the International Mozarteum Foundation. She works as a répétiteur in opera (including the ISM Mozart Week) and instrumental (International Summer Academy of the Mozarteum University and SAI at the Anton Bruckner Private University, Linz). Since 2021 she has had a teaching position in the Department of Wind and Percussion Instruments. Marta Kucbora has performed in various countries of Europe and the USA, both as a soloist and in chamber music ensembles.


Activities in the field of accompaniment for strings: accompaniment at the Bad Leonfelden Summer Academy 2021: class of Prof. Mark Gothoni (violin) accompaniment at the Summer Academy of the University Mozarteum Salzburg 2019 class of Prof. Lewis Kaplan (violin)  2019 class of Prof. Paul Roczek (violin) 2018 class of Prof. Rainer Küchl (violin) Activities in the field of singing and opera accompaniment: 2020 accompaniment at the opera production of the Mozart Week, International Mozarteum Foundation Salzburg 2014-2016 accompaniment at the Theater an der Rott in Eggenfelden, Germany 2010-2011 répétiteur in the singing class of Prof. Monika Moldenhauer Since 2012 répétiteur in various instrumental classes Musikum Salzburg Since 2021 lecturer in the department for wind and percussion instruments (Universitӓt Mozarteum Salzburg)
Since 2012 piano lessons and accompaniment in Musikum Salzburg. Since 2009 cooperation with the International Mozarteum Foundation as part of the educational project Museum&LiveMusik
2008-2009 scholarship from Kurt and  Felicitas Foundation 2007 Winner of the annual scholarship of the Hübel Foundation (Salzburg) 2006 Prize winner of the VII Warsaw Master Class 2005 Prize winner of the VI Beskidy Master Class 2005 Prize winner of the `Concerto with Orchestra´ competition during the International Master Class in Varna (Bulgaria) 2002 Prize winner of the `Concerto with Orchestra ´ Competition during Symphonic Workshop in Kromeriž (Czech Republic)
2015-2020: University Mozarteum Salzburg, master’s degree in fortepiano, class of Prof. Wolfgang Brunner (completed) 2014-2015: University Mozarteum Salzburg, postgraduate studies in piano,   Class of Prof. Imre Rohmann 2011-2014: University Mozarteum Salzburg, master's degree in concert piano, class of Prof. Imre Rohmann (completed) 2010-201: University of Mozarteum Salzburg, master's degree in piano, class of Prof. Gereon Kleiner 2010-2011: University of Music Trossingen, Germany Institute for Early Music
Studies: Solo training in the main subject fortepiano, fortepiano class: Prof. Wolfgang Brunner
song interpretation class: Prof. Peter Nelson 2006-2010: University Mozarteum Salzburg, bachelor's degree concert piano (completed), piano class: Prof. Alexei Lubimov
Chamber music with Prof.: Tünde Kurucz, Rainer Schmidt, Wolfgang Redik Fortepiano lessons
: Prof. Wolfgang Brunner Harpsichord lessons: Prof. Angela Koppenwallner 2003-2009. Karol Szymanowski Music Academy in Katowice, Poland / Vocal and instrumental department, master's degree in piano; Piano class: Prof. Czeslaw Stanczyk / Chamber music: Prof. Maria Szwajger-Kulakowska 2002-2003. Private piano lessons / Prof. Grazyna Fiedoruk-Sienkiewicz, Academy of Music in Gdansk, Poland
2010 SUNY New Paltz Piano Festival (NY, USA) Instructors: Vladimir Feltsman, Alexander Korsantia, Susan Starr 2007, 2008 Gold Country Piano Institute Nevada City ( CA, USA ) Instructors: John Perry, Pawel Skrzypek, Thomas Hecht, Graham Scott 2005 International Piano Festival in Varna ( Bulgaria ) Teachers: Adam Wodnicki, Joseph Banowetz, Tamas Ungar 2004 Piano Festival FERMATA in Kolbudy ( Poland ) Teachers: Andrzej Jasinski, Eugene Indjic 2003 International Piano Master Course Prague (Czech  Rep.) 2002 Symphonic Workshops in Kromeriz (Czech.  ; Rep.)
2017-2018 Bachelor's degree in music therapy at the Krems University of Applied Sciences September 2012- February 2013 Internship in the field of music management, International Mozarteum Foundation Salzburg Personal coaching on the subject of "stage fright" - Dr. R. Holzinger, Institute H&H, Linz