Try Out Spaces & Places

Student project
Try Out Spaces & Places | © Applied Theatre
A seminar on the theatricality and performativity of places and spaces in WS22/23 at the Thomas Bernhard Institute dealt with the relevant theories and the history(s) of urban and rural living space development. A parcours led through eight temporary individual works on the topic.
Approaches to activating urban development were discussed and in-depth knowledge of artistic work with communities on site (Salzburg and the Alpine region) was acquired. This includes performative and installative urban projects that develop strategies of intervention, participation and co-determination and directly intervene in the perception of places, spaces and squares.

The students developed temporary individual works that visitors could walk through individually or in small groups. The project was part of the International Days .  

Try out of the try out!

Try out of the try out!
Video Credits: Cristina Giugea, Wan Yuk Yu

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  • Pleasurespace
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    Pleasure Space is a tactile installation and theatrical play on sexuality education. Anna Szepes' master project in MA Applied Theatre aims to create safe and playful performative spaces for intergenerational exchange and creative knowledge production around sexuality. In Pleasure Space we use research, interviews, play design, writing, somatic exercises and sound to realise a correspondence between adults and teenagers that is now open to you.

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  • Gaia Till Ernecke | © Manuela Seethaler
    Directing projects on the theme of Classic 

    On January 20 and 21, the Thomas Bernhard Institute, in cooperation with the Department of Scenography of the Mozarteum University, presented Philoktet by Heiner Müller, Gaia in a version by Till Ernecke and The Bacchae by Euripides, three directorial works on the theme of classical music at the Theater im KunstQuartier.

    Drama production
  • Dionysos. Madness pours upon my lovely face
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    Could Dionysus be a queer trans* deity? What if their companions simply do not conform to any norm and are not mad at all? Cat Jugravu's performance DIONYSOS. MADNESS POURS UPON MY LOVELY FACE invites us to reinterpret the myth as a manifesto for otherness and queerness. With the Maenads - the dissident entourage of Dyonisos - the audience tries to approach a life without the norm in ritual, dance and rave.

    Student project