Winners* of the Design Award 2022

Awards & Successes
Ausstellung zum Designpreis 2022 | © Christian Schneider
2022 the student body of the Mozarteum University has awarded the Design Prize for the third time. The call for entries was addressed to all students of the Department of Fine Arts & Design, who could each submit up to three works from the last three years.
Design Award of the ÖH Mozarteum Vernissage & Award Ceremony
16. November, 19.00 h Exhibition duration
7. - November 25, daily 10.00-20.00 hrs

With works by
Iris Bruch, Clara Elixmann, Marie Gruber, Peter Kainhofer, Magdalena Karner, Kevin Klinger, Linda Nicolussi, Matthias Salfinger & Vanessa Steiner
From a total of 46 works, the expert jury, consisting of Suse Mayer, Valerie Medicus & Katrin Radanitsch, selected twelve works - among them the award winners - to be shown in the exhibition. In addition to the three prize winners nominated by the expert jury, an audience award was also presented. Many of the works on display have already been shown in various exhibitions and represent the wide range of students. These are the winners of the Design Award 2022: Iris Bruch Peter Kainhofer Marie Gruber Madgalena Karner won the public vote. Picture from left to right: Marie Gruber, Iris Bruch, Peter Kainhofer   Congratulations!

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