A review of the Spot On MozART Expo!

On October 13 and 14, 2022, the largest exhibition to date on the interdisciplinary and interinstitutional project Spot On MozART took place at the Mozarteum University - an exciting journey through 17 projects, including film premieres, interactive spaces and a piano-playing industrial robot. We followed the expo for you.
Review of the Spot On MozART Expo
Project exhibition
Green carpets and the scent of popcorn guided visitors* to the Spot On MozART Expo at Mirabellplatz 1 on October 13 and 14. In the Solitär foyer, guests found themselves in a lounge area, through which they were guided to the Solitär hall with popcorn and Coke to watch the short films Lost in Dimensions with live music, Idyll , #beautiful and Nachts. Those who wanted to could then join a guided tour of the exhibition, or set out on their own to explore the individual projects. There was a lot to discover: a 360° video, a piano-playing robot, interactive musical experiences in container spaces, pedagogical works, a collaboration between Mozarteum students and the Red Bull Media House archive - a total of 17 projects already created or in the process of being created were presented, inviting visitors not only to look at them but also to participate. The visualizations invited visitors to consider the question of how our individual perception of music changes when artistic visualizations present us with different images than we would associate with the music ourselves. For the first time, the Fulldome / VR&AR Lab of the University of Applied Arts in Vienna was also brought to the Mozarteum University with the collaborative project Mozart-realtime Quintet. with the aim of creating an active, playful and at the same time creative access to Mozart's work for the visitors, the Mozart Clarinet Quintet was realized as an interactive fulldome environment. With the help of a touch interface, visitors were able to intervene in and change the audiovisual composition. A look behind the scenes was provided by a second edition of the scrapbook with insights into the creation of the projects and personal statements by the artists, which can be downloaded below or obtained on request from the Spot On MozART Office.

More about Spot On Mozart

  • 15.12.2022
    Mozart in Nairobi 

    The Mozart in Nairobi project tells the story of imprisoned mothers and their left-behind children in Kenya in an essay film, creating a dialogue on several levels between different people and cultures, with W. A. Mozart's Sonata in E-flat Major (KV 282) as the fundamental element along which the film is told.

    Spot On MozART
  • © Gertrud Fischbacher, Marius Schebella

    The spatial installation ALLEGRIA is an interdisciplinary, interpretative research on Mozart's Symphony No. 17 in G major (KV 129).

    Spot On MozART
  • © Christina Leitner, Frauke Von Jaruntowski
    Shift KV594 

    W. A. Mozart's composition Adagio in F minor (KV 594) for an organ work in a clock becomes a synesthetic experience, materially visible, audible and tangible. SHIFT KV594 performs this work on a digitally controlled Jacquard loom (Textiles Zentrum Haslach, 2023). Mozart's composition becomes a fabric.

    Spot On MozART