"Music Multinationals"

Gruppenfoto auf der Dachterrasse des Mozarteums | © Musikpädagogik Salzburg
Cooperation project "Music Multis" with schools from the Salzburg region
The Department of Music Education Salzburg started the pilot project "Music Multis" in the academic year 2021/22, in which a total of 6 schools (BORG Radstadt, BG Hallein, BORG Bad Hofgastein, BAKIP Bischofshofen, BG Tamsweg, BG Zell am See) cooperated with the Mozarteum University. The idea of the project is to initiate a cooperation between teachers and students at our university and teachers and students of the upper school of selected schools in the province of Salzburg. With the help of workshops offered at the university, the students will be trained by student teachers ("buddies"), who will also visit and support them at school, as local music multipliers, contact persons and initiative givers for their school and its environment. The aim is to support the students in implementing musical projects of their own choice at their schools. The range of student projects in the pilot year 2021/22 extends from composing workshops and audition lessons for younger students to community concerts and music recordings. The Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna submitted a project entitled "Encouraging Diversity: Development of a socially inclusive information and communication platform" was submitted by the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna within the framework of the call for proposals "Projects for social transformation in higher education". Driven by the idea that many talented young people do not receive the appropriate support to pass an entrance examination at an art or music university due to their background, but also due to regional conditions, or do not even have the courage to pursue a career in the artistic (artistic-pedagogical) field, several Austrian art universities were invited to participate in the project with ideas and initiatives. A continuation of the Music Multis project ("Music Multis 2.0") in the academic year 2022/23 is already being implemented. Press reports: Salzburger Nachrichten from 8.7.22 PDF file ARTICLE Salzburger Nachrichten 08.07.2022 Bezirksblätter Pongau from 11.7.22 Final presentation and insights into the project year 2021/22   Further reports and information: Report BG Hallein