13. Sustainability Challenge

Sustainability Challenge 2022
The Sustainability Challenge invites master and advanced bachelor students from all fields of study to apply for interdisciplinary courses on sustainability with a focus on the Sustainable Development Goals, to gain practical experience and ECTS. They ll work with companies, ministries or NGOs on concrete sustainability projects from the field, while the theoretical input will be provided by lecturers from the seven participating universities.
Q&A session
2 , 2022, 5 p.m. Online via wu-ac-at.zoom.us
90 students. 7 universities. 1 Goal: Be part of the change! Master students and advanced Bachelor students of all fields of study are invited to apply for this interdisciplinary course with impact, to gain practical experience as well as ECTS. The Sustainability Challenge lasts two semesters (WiSe 22/23, SoSe 23) and starts in October 2022. Students work together with companies, ministries or NGOs on concrete sustainability projects from practice.

The theoretical input is provided by faculty from the seven participating universities: WU Wien, BOKU, TU Wien, die Angewandte, Uni Wien, Uni Graz & Universität Mozarteum Salzburg. Inter-university teaching conferences encourage discussion of issues relating to ecological economics, climate research, art, sustainable building, consumption and production patterns, and social frameworks, and build bridges to practice. Celebratory events provide the ideal setting to exchange ideas and expand one's network. Students of all majors can apply for the course via the online form during the Early Bird phase from June 2 - June 8, 2022 and secure the first 25 spots. There will be another application window from July 4 - August 1.
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