Ermanno Wolf-Ferarri: Il campiello

Opera production
Oper Il Campiello | © Christian Schneider
Take a little Mozart, a little Rossini, a little Puccini, a little Verdi, Venetian folklore, a pinch of modernity and entrust these ingredients to the composer Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari, born in 1876 in Venice, who inimitably transforms even the most banal everyday life into truly great opera. For example in "Il Campiello", a musical comedy based on a turbulent comedy by his compatriot Carlo Goldoni.
Musical direction
kai Röhrig Scenic direction
rosamund Gilmore Stage
theresa Staindl Costume
selina Schweiger Dramaturgy
eike Mann

About production

Premiered at La Scala in Milan in 1936 and first performed in Munich the same year, the rarely performed Buffo opera is being rediscovered at the Mozarteum University. With "Il Campiello," Italian composer Wolf-Ferrari returns to the house where he was a composition professor in the 1930s before fleeing to Switzerland to escape the Nazis. On a Venetian piazzetta (Campiello), fun-loving ladies, imperious men, a youthful gigolo, a Neapolitan nobleman, the indispensable doctor and two real Italian mamas (sung by two tenors) meet. There is wild partying, jealous bickering and fighting, and of course lots of love.

Dates & Cast

10.05.2022, 19:00
11.05.2022, 19:00
13.05.2022, 19:00 (Livestream)
14.05.2022, 16:00
Astolfi: Máté Herczeg, Jakob Hoffmann Gasparina: Yekaterina Badeso, Regina Koncz Fabrizio: Alexander Voronov Dona Cate: Filipp Modestov Lucieta: Dares Hutawattana, Donata Meyer-Kranixfeld Dona Pasqua: Konstantin Igl Gnese: Maria Agustina Caldero, Anastasia Churakova Orsola: Alicia Grünwald Zorzeto: Niklas Meyer, Dagur Thorgrimsson Anzoleto: Qi Wang
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Oper Il Campiello | © Christian Schneider
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