This side of the dramatic

Drama production
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As part of the "Stückentwicklungen" project, the directing students of the Thomas Bernhard Institute were asked to place their own respective themes and forms at the beginning of their artistic exploration and to explore them scenically. The approaches are as diverse as the production and performance approaches: between choreographic experiment and musical collage, collective staging and novel adaptation, autobiographical performance and interactive play.
Free project developments of the director class
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ICHNOGRAPHIA - The footsteps of two families

By & With: Alexander Smirzitz & Marion Hélène Weber "We Europeans are doing something wrong - or not quite right - in the way we honor and remember our dead. […] At most, there are a few photos in a box in the bookcase that you find when you want to compare old vacation photos with new color slides."  (Rudolf Smirzitz) In an old Viennese apartment lie texts by a man who had fled from Vienna to Berlin with his Jewish wife. In an Allgäu farmhouse hangs the picture of a family whose mother does not yet know that in a few years she will lose her hearing. In a Salzburg art academy, their descendants unpack their boxes together.
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Swimming in the Dark

With: Mila Suttree, Martin Rudi (Petzenhammer), Lena Plochberger, Adrian Weinek
Director/Video: Alek Niemiro
Equipment : Selina Schweiger
Music: Tom Gatza Poland. Summer 1980. Not only a fateful moment for the whole world, but also for the two students Ludwik and Janusz. They fall in love that summer and have to keep a secret. After a short time, intolerance, corruption and the dictatorship of the party tear their happiness apart. Janusz wants to stay in Poland and change the country. Ludwik, however, sees his and their future abroad. How do they decide
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The story of the soldier/Renard

With : Abenaa Prempeh, Juliette Larat, Emma Lusena Ash, Gianmaria Girotto, Leonor Barbosa, Angelina Marinic
Director : Giulia Giammona
Composition : Igor Stravinsky, Andreas Bäuml (premiere)
Musical direction : Chungki Min
Choreography : Claire Pearl
Stage and costume design : Selina Nowak
Puppet construction and acting : Angelina Marinic
Dramaturgy : Veronika Maurer "What to do to become again as I was?" A soldier sets out for his homeland, encounters a devil and trades his beloved violin for a magical book that promises wealth - yet brings no happiness. In short, it is a story of repetition and the attempt to return. "The Soldier's Tale" and "Renard" were written in Igor Stravinsky's Swiss exile during World War I, in close collaboration with the poet Charles Ferdinand Ramuz. Both compositions are linked by the collaboration of the two artists as well as the textual model, a collection of Russian folk tales.
© Jannik Görger


Performers : Ailsa Li, Mariia Kireeva, Adries Sofi, Ben Engelgeer
Directed by : Lea Oltmanns
Assistant director : Sonia Nimak
Sound Design : Alexander Bauer
Costume Design : Jiale Zhu "If I have to explain it to someone who has not experienced it, I would say it is a little bit like drinking way too much coffee and the certainty that I will die."

What happens when panic attacks? This is the initial question of a performative research by the director in collaboration with dancers of the SEAD Dance Academy, an actor and a composer. Based on interviews with panic attack victims, the effects of a panic attack on body, breath and thoughts are scenically explored, deconstructed and reconstructed - always in the awareness that there is no "one panic attack".
© Nogati Udayana

Authority for social aesthetics and public morality

With : Joseph Lang, Valerie Martin, Mariia Tkachenko
Guest appearances : Nogati Udayana, Paulo Sieweck
Director : Paulo Sieweck
Stage and costume : Nogati Udayana "Eros conquers depression" (Byung-Chul Han)

The Office of Social Aesthetics and Public Morality opens its doors in the mobile customer center at the Thomas Bernhard Institute. Please bring patience - your perfect match is waiting for you.
© Fankofilm

Adam and Eve play hide and seek with knowledge

With : Victoria Kraft, Payam Yazdani
Director : Carla María Schmutter
Creative collaboration & assistant director : Lea Richter
Stage design : Lucia Flaig Assistant stage designer
: Marina Calabrese Adam and Eve have only one job: to enjoy an eternal brunch lying on a cloud, in cosy togetherness, with champagne! But when it dawns on them night after night in dreams about the state of humanity in the 20th and 21st centuries, it turns out: it's not so easy to live in paradise when you're thinking about the big picture. A play development with texts by Fernando Pessoa and his heteronyms: "Since the mind exists, all life is impossible. If the heart could think, it would stand still."
© Fankofilm

Lonely Ghosts - The table is crooked and why does it bleed?

With : Joyce Sanhá, Colin Johner
Director : Henry Schlage
Stage design : Magdalena Hofer
Music : Colin Johner Two apprentices of a ghost hunting company find themselves in an apartment teeming with ghosts and demons that need to be exorcised. As more and more blood drips from the walls and the lights begin to flicker, the two must face the horrors of the room and their own fears. How long have they been in the apartment? What exactly was their assignment? And what did their boss look like again, the one who sent them here? Sinking into ever greater confusion, the two novices nevertheless try valiantly to fulfill their mission.
13.May 2022 from 9 am Further performances
14. May 2022 from 9 a.m. Venues
theater in the KunstQuartier
former Baroque Museum