The Book Of Musicals

Student project
Vier Studierende mit weißen Hemden und Krawatte imitieren eine Schulsituation | © Department Musikpädagogik Innsbruck
Clear the stage for a unique musical production of the University Mozarteum Innsbruck, in which the most beautiful, saddest, funniest and coolest songs of the musical world are performed and linked to a story written by students. From April 30, "The Book of Musicals" can be seen in 12 performances at the Treibhaus Innsbruck. Predicate: worth seeing!
Department of Music Education Innsbruck
"The Book of Musicals" is a unique musical production of the Department of Music Education Innsbruck, which originated from the own initiative of the students Evi Hasler, Sofie Pedevilla, Maria Sagmeister and Isabella Stricker. The reason for the realization of the project was the desire to unite all students of the Department of Music Pedagogy and to create a practical and professional opportunity to gain experience in project work and project planning that will prepare them for their later professional life.

Over 50 contributors, including active stage artists and renowned faculty of the department, collaborated for the production. All musical arrangements, dances, and various aspects of vocal training were developed in classes over two semesters. The project is not part of the curriculum and is thus based solely on the commitment of students and faculty. Only through successful cooperation could this heartfelt project be realized.

Visitors can expect a story full of magic, individual developments and a touch of romance. Four characters, who could not be more different, embark on a magical journey, but the events take an unexpected turn …
Dates: 30.04. at 8 p.m. (premiere) 01.05. at 3:30 p.m. 01.05. at 6 p.m. 02.05. at 9 a.m. (student performance) 02.05. at 11:30 a.m. (student performance) 04.05. at 11:30 a.m. (student performance) 04.05. at 14.30 (student performance) 05.05. at 9.00 (student performance) 05.05. at 11.30 (student performance) 06.05. at 19.30 07.05. at 17.00 07.05. at 19.30 (derniere)