Narrated history - memories of an institution

Historisches Schwarz-Weiß Bild, drei Männer und zwei Frauen, im Stil des 19. Jahrhunderts gekleidet | © Kunst-ARCHIV-Raum
Under the title Narrated History, in-depth interviews have been conducted since 2012 with former and current faculty and staff members of the Mozarteum University. The interest is focused on the personal memories of the interviewees about the Mozarteum, colleagues, events, special events as well as everyday life.
susanne Prucher Art ARCHIVE Room
paris-Lodron-Strasse 9
5020 Salzburg
Based on audio interviews, the project strives to create a body of testimonies that provides insight into the living history of the Mozarteum. The goal is to collect memories, impressions, and experiences and to use personal narratives as sources for the history of the University Mozarteum Salzburg. An informal contact conversation is followed by an interview conducted by a member of our trained team. In the course of this, there is the opportunity to discuss your own memorabilia (photos, etc.). All interviews conducted as part of the University Mozarteum - Narrated History project are archived in the University Mozarteum's Art ARCHIVE room. There, the recordings can be used by researchers as well as an interested public. The interviews are also archived by our cooperation partner MenschenLeben in the Austrian Media Library Vienna.